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About ProjectCarbon

Driven by passion

ProjectCarbon was born out of the love of all things carbon fibre, I was working your average

job when outside of work everything revolved around cars and modifying.

I decided it was time my work life reflected my passion for cars and the automotive world,

so I started this journey into composites. It all began by working on my own BMW parts as

there were mods and visions I had for the car that no one offered, so decided id make my own,

my relationship with carbon fibre continued to snowball from there and

I couldn't stop thinking about what could be done with composites and

what parts I and other modified car enthusiasts really wanted. 

This sparked the birth of ProjectCarbon UK in 2019, dedicated to making

quality products for car enthusiast. We love what we do which makes it easy to infuse

passion into delivering high quality work and backing that up with top customer service,

where our focus is on being open, honest and as approachable as possible,

because at the end of the day we're all just petrol heads.

My ambition is to grow a range of carbon fibre weight reduction, aerodynamic and

aesthetic parts for a vast array of manufacturers and models, while taking on custom

projects big or small that need that carbon fibre touch. 



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